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Published on Sunday, 10 August 2014 23:22

Myanmar online E-visa will be started to use at the Yangon International Airport on coming September 1 according to Ministry of Immigration and Population.

The E-visa will be applied for the tourists that will visit Myanmar and other visitors such as visitors for economic reasons and social reasons will not be allowed. Only after this E-visa is in steady regulation, other E-visas will be arranged.

The tourists need to apply to the website address of Ministry of Immigration and Population from their own countries. The Ministry will send their approval within one week of applying. By printing this, they can show together with their passports at the Yangon International Airport.

The Visa is of three months valid starting from the approved date. It allows 28 days in Myanmar for one arrival. The cost of the visa is temporarily termed as of US $ 50.

“We are to use the e-visa system on September 1. It is for tourists of across the world. The cost for visa may be change,” said Aung Thiha, assistant director of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Yangon International Airport.

The E-visa is jointly cooperating with Myanmar Ease Net Company Limited.

You can submit the Myanmar visa application form Here and hope this is helpful for you.