About Us

About Us

Greeting from Myanmar Day Trip!

We, Green Myanmar Travel & Tours, was initially run Travel & Tours company and provide All-in-one tour package that includes hotel, bus, flight ticket, sightseeing car, language guide, meals and attraction ticket etc. Green Myanmar is government approved registered company and certified by Ministry of Hotel and Tourism.    

Since we are 100% Local own company with years of Tour experience in Myanmar, we became successful, well known as one of the best travel companies who offers the most reasonable price with guaranteed quality of service in Myanmar who specialise in Inbound Tour.

As the time goes by, Myanmar is more open up and attracting tourists all over the world. The number of travelers visiting to the country is growing huge amount every year from 79000 in 2010 to 2.04 millions in 2013. As the number grows, the demand of travelers and their requirements change. We listen to our customer and their feedback, what they Need and What they want. Therefore, we decided to introduce our customers with more flexibility in choice, in the same time, save money.

For those who want their holiday well plan but in the same time don’t want to be in schedule day after day, Myanmar Day Trip intends to provide service that you can choose any date for sightseeing with flexible timing option. In that way, you can stay-in any day you like and go for a short day trip whenever you feel like. Moreover, customer can add other attraction ticket such as cruise, culture show, trishaw tour and many more based on their budget, no. of person and their interest which are totally custom made.


Our Group of Companies offer total flexibility within your budget range.

MyanmarBusTicket.com – One stop bus ticketing service for any route through out Myanmar
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