Q: What is private tour and group tour?

A: Private tour is tour run only for you and your group.
For Group tour, we collect solo traveller and also travellers who are in same travel date & same day tour types in order to be more cost effective and more fun. We have daily group tours in Bagan and Mandalay during high seasons with very low price. 


Q: What is your booking procedure?

A: When we get your booking along with payment, we will send payment confirmation email within 48 hours.
Then after tour is arranged, another email (along with attached tour ticket) will be sent at least 7 days before your travel date. After that, all you have to do is print that attached tour e-ticket out or note down your tour reference number (which can be find on that ticket) and show the guide when he/she pick you up on your hotel.


Q: What is office opening hours?

A: Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM and Saturday 9:00AM to 12:00PM, except public holiday.


Q: Can I make cancellation or amendment?
A: Cancellation and refund can be made within 28 days of purchase. Cancellation fees of 8USD per person will be applied.

Amendment can be made anytime providing the complete e-ticket is not issued at the time the amendment request is made. 4USD of amendment fees per person apply.

All cancellation and amendment request must be done by writing to our email at  [email protected]. Any required refund will be made to you either in Credit Code or original form of payment received. All refunds will be in currency in which you originally paid for the booking.


Q: How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

A: We will send you payment confirmation email within 48 hours after you've booked on our website along with payment.


Q: How do I get ticket?

A: We will send it to your email address that you've filled in your booking state.


Q: What if I still haven't got complete tour e-ticket yet?

A: If your confirmation does not arrive on time or at all, then you must ask us (via email [email protected] or by Jivo chat on our website) to resend the email confirmation of the tours you have paid for. 


Q: How do I meet with my tour guide?

A: Our tour guide will find with your name at your hotel reception.


Q: What do I need to show when my tour guide picks me up on that day?

A: You can print the tour complete e-ticket we've sent to your email or note down tour reference number.


Q: Why some tours are not available to book now?
A: There are some tours or attractions which can't operate in raining season or some specific period (eg. Balloon over Bagan, Whole day cruise, Elephant camp tour). At that period, we block the tour for a while and then re-open when it can available. 


Q: How are the payment process? Is it secure?

A: We use Internationally accepted most reliable Paypal system. We do accept either credit card/ Visa/ Master or by Paypal account.
For those who still have problem making payment, you can do wire transfer to our Singapore bank account. Please contact us for more details.
Remark: we do not accept cash on arrival.